The Journey Begins

In June of this year (2018), I was diagnosed with breast cancer -- to be specific, invasive ductal carcinoma (stage 2, initially stage 1), hormone positive, Her2/neu negative [I've learned that these details are important to survivors and help us recognize one another and understand our respective journeys]. It was an absolute shock, coming after... Continue Reading →

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Standing Tall on the Shore

After all of the anxiety building up to and during my scans this week, the news was good. I am officially cancer-free (or at least my boobs are and that's what counts at this point). Not only was I crying during the scans, but I burst into a bonafide bawl when I got the results... Continue Reading →

The Specter of Cancer

They call it "scanxiety" and I totally get it now. Tomorrow I will have my first mammogram and ultrasound post-diagnosis and while I'm hoping and praying that the news is good, I'm also scared to death. Just thinking about it brings me to tears. In the last two weeks, I've met with my breast surgeon... Continue Reading →

Blog Hop

Another blogger I respect, and who has been doing this a lot longer than I have, has issued a blogging challenge, called a blog hop. I've never done this before, but what the heck, right? Nancy, of Nancy’s Point, has offered a set a questions for us to answer, so here goes: 1. Who are... Continue Reading →

Relationships and Cancer

I am honored to have been asked to contribute to Share Cancer Support’s blog on the topic of relationships and cancer. I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer a little over a year ago and from my experience, relationships change A LOT with cancer. While I’m not one of those people who will paint... Continue Reading →

Fuck Chemo

Yesterday, I met with my new medical oncologist (my prior one moved to a different practice and I decided to stay with the practice) and while the jury is still out on whether or not I'll stay with her or the practice, I did learn something pretty troubling. It seems that the worst of the... Continue Reading →


So a funny thing happened on my way through cancer surgery, treatment, and recovery -- I got really picky about how I spend my time and who I spend it with. It's not really that I wasn't picky before, but I was often motivated by obligation, responsibility, and "should dos," and therefore found myself spending... Continue Reading →


Well, it's been a while since I wrote, which is probably an indication that I'm busy living my life -- a good thing overall. I'm back working (consulting), traveling to see family and friends, enjoying the summer, doing yard work, swimming, taking tai chi classes, and in general starting to enjoy my retirement. It's been... Continue Reading →

Deprivation and Discipline

I had promised myself that once I ended treatment, I would get back to the diet I was on prior to my diagnosis. I had been on a Mediterranean diet prior to surgery, begun when I had a cardiac scare a few months before that (which turned out to be anxiety, but still with my... Continue Reading →

Farewell Couch Nest

Today, our 15-year-old couch was picked up by the local furniture bank who will repurpose it for their clients. It has been replaced by a new couch, free of bad (or at least mixed) memories. Not only had that couch been through two children (and a variety of friends sleeping over), and two dogs (I... Continue Reading →

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