The Journey Begins

In June of this year (2018), I was diagnosed with breast cancer -- to be specific, invasive ductal carcinoma (stage 2, initially stage 1), hormone positive, Her2/neu negative [I've learned that these details are important to survivors and help us recognize one another and understand our respective journeys]. It was an absolute shock, coming after... Continue Reading →

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I was thinking today while driving that maybe it was time to close down this blog as I seem to have less to say, and just as I thought that (as often seems to happen), I realized that I actually did have something I wanted to write about. For many reasons, the idea of family... Continue Reading →

No, Just No

There really is nothing like cancer, followed by retirement, to bring clarity and focus to how I choose to spend my time. Cancer put into very stark relief just who I wanted to spend time with post-cancer -- those who stood by me and supported me, even when it got ugly, and not those who... Continue Reading →

A New Decade

New Year's Day. A time of new beginnings, and a time of reflection on the year behind us. As is our family tradition/superstition, we "deconstructed" Christmas this morning, taking down the decorations, putting away the ornaments, taking the tree up to our fire pit to be burned. Family lore dictates that it's bad luck to... Continue Reading →


It's early afternoon on Christmas Day, my first post-treatment and my first cancer-free. There's lot that is different this year and a lot to be grateful for. Flash back to a year ago, and trust me, it was pretty grim. My daughter was home with us that year, but there was a lot of nail-biting... Continue Reading →

Good Reports

Today, I had a check-up with my internist, a follow-up to my scary medication reaction back in September. I have to say that it was pretty wonderful to hear that all of my bloodwork was normal, that my blood sugar is under control, and that I am healthy. Given all of the ups and downs... Continue Reading →


I'm preparing for a trip to NYC next week and with that will come a good bit of walking in the city, something I used to enjoy. Instead, I'm spending time thinking (or rather, obsessing) about what shoes I can wear that will be comfortable enough to walk in the city. About six months after... Continue Reading →


In the midst of all of the Thanksgiving preparations, I've been thinking a lot about this time last year and what a difference a year makes. On this day last year, I had just had my last chemo infusion and I was starting to feel the full effect of the accumulation of poison in my... Continue Reading →

That Job

So, first, an explanation. The further away I get from treatment (and it's now been 9 months since I finished active treatment), the harder it is for me to stay strictly within the confines of a "cancer blog," since much of my day-to-day life has nothing to do with cancer, or at least not directly.... Continue Reading →

The Road Back to Health

When I was visiting my daughter last month, she described to me her plan for getting healthier, explaining that she was making small incremental changes rather than dramatic big ones. Changes like eating a healthier lunch or walking to and from work each day. I've been thinking about that and about my road back to... Continue Reading →

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