Toddler Food

Day 6, cycle 1. When I was a teenager struggling with my weight, I regularly wished that food would taste bad so I wouldn’t want to eat it. Now that I have my wish, it’s definitely not all I thought it would be and I could care less about losing weight.

The doctors warned me that certain foods would taste bad, but I had no idea that would include water. Water! Seriously? Considering that most other cold beverages taste bad too, but I still have to try to get 40 oz. in on any given day, this is no joke. Nor is the fact that I have to eat with plastic silverware in order for everything not to taste like metal.

As I was struggling to figure out what would be palatable to eat, let alone drink, I consulted other survivors, one of whom listed the short list of foods she was able to eat during chemo, saying, “now that I think about it, basically toddler food.” Another talked about a macaroni casserole that a friend made for her that was the only food she could manage.

After much experimentation and nausea in the past several days, my list of acceptable foods includes: French toast, roast pork lo mein from the nearby takeout, Oui vanilla yogurt, bagels and cream cheese (kinda), banana bread (sorta), creme brûlée from the local pastry shop, and saltines — toddler food about sums it up. The list of unpalatable foods gets longer daily, including most fresh fruit and vegetables, and the failed experiment of a vat of macaroni and cheese that my husband will have to work his way through.

I have been thinking that my body will know instinctively what it needs and so I have been watching cooking shows on TV and reading recipes to see if anything at all strikes my fancy, but no luck. Thankfully, I can probably live on toddler food for 12 weeks and I’m really glad I spent a few weeks eating my favorite foods before this all started — although thinking about that right now makes me sick.

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  1. I wish I were there to regularly deliver fresh toddler food to you. Maybe this will be your next “big idea” – forget Freshly and Blue Apron. It’s Chemo Cooking, toddler foods delievered to your door in a Fuck Cancer Packaging, so you can eat right and flip the bird to the big C.

    As I write this, I realize there’s no one else that would think this is funny…except you…which is why I’m so glad to know you. ❤️

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