Chemo schedule is officially out the window. Apparently chemo can affect surgical sites and in rare instances, open them up — and lucky me, I get to be one of those rare instances. So off I go back to the surgeon on Monday, when I was supposed to get my second infusion, after which a decision will be made about the chemo schedule. I’m frustrated and hoping I don’t need more surgery. While I don’t welcome the infusions, they are what I need to get well, and just want to get on with it. Plus, despite knowing better about planning ahead, I have plans and thought the schedule would work out so that I’d be at my strongest for the cancer walk in October, and done with chemo the week before Thanksgiving, and therefore able to enjoy my favorite holiday. Now it looks like at least a week’s delay, putting the next infusion on my birthday. I may be at my weakest for the walk and have my last infusion (and thus not be in great shape) just a few days before Thanksgiving.

It’s reassuring that my oncologist is so conservative and not taking any chances on either the incision or on side effects. Apparently my side effects were on the outer side of normal, especially the bone pain and bad food taste, so my next round will reduce one of my chemo drugs by 20% since the side effects are cumulative and if it was bad in the first cycle, it will be unbearable in the fourth. I confirmed that 80% will still kill the cancer because if it takes being miserable to kill it, I’m up for it. But apparently I don’t have to suck it up quite that much.

On the plus side, I get a week’s reprieve when my immunity will be at its highest and permission to “be in the world, but not go crazy,” so I plan to take full advantage and celebrate in the week before my birthday. Who knows, I might go all out and have dinner out with my husband, see a friend or two, or go to the food coop. Do I know how to party or what?

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