Cycle 2, day 5. Cumulative effects in subsequent cycles, that’s what I was promised, and that seems to be what I’ve gotten this round. I am unbelievably weary, sleeping at the drop of a hat, unable to stay awake long enough to read or watch TV or even write this (I’m attempting it, assuming that it may take several sessions).

My care team and I are trying a few new things this round, including a daily dose of Claritin, which apparently helps manage the bone pain, and so far so good. I’m also on a rigorous schedule of pain (Advil and Tylenol) and nausea meds that seem to be staying ahead of the symptoms, more or less. The bone pain is definitely less, but the overall tiredness and lack of energy is profound. And as for eating, well, forget that. Just about everything tastes bad, so I’m going for anything with protein or carbs at this point, or more to the point, anything I can choke down. Much of the “advance food preparation” I did last week is now in the freezer for a later date. Ironically, even unable to eat or drink much, I seem to be fairly swollen, a new development, but also more or less par for the course.

After the lessons of the last round of chemo, I decided that a weekly massage was a treat I was worthy of and started that mid-way through the last cycle, so I had my first session yesterday. I felt like a beached whale on the table, but as it did the last time, massage seems to be able to work something through my body, allowing me to sleep. Amen for that — I hit the bed around 8 p.m. the last two nights and woke up around 6 a.m., only to return to bed for a few hours after breakfast. I guess those walks aren’t happening right now, considering that the idea of a walk, especially one where I have to move my own legs in a forward direction, is unfathomable.

I realized this morning that going back through this blog is a useful barometer of how I’m doing in each cycle — was I able to sleep, eat, write, or walk at any particular moment in time? I also marked the calendar during the last cycle for the “bad days” and sure enough, I’m right on track. Different, still bad, but holding my own.

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