Christmas Cheer

Interregnum, day 15. It’s taken some doing, but I’m starting to get into the Christmas spirit. It helps to have my daughter at home (travel issues made her journey challenging, and there was some risk that she wouldn’t make it home, causing much distress all around), my husband at my side, and overall a quiet holiday planned.

Yesterday, I got a text from the daughter of a dear friend, who herself has major health challenges, and who said “I’m very happy that you have another Christmas.” Talk about putting things in perspective. While I’ve struggled these past few weeks both with what’s in front of me and with what is behind me, she’s absolutely right. I’m still here, able to enjoy my family and the holiday, with hopefully the worst of treatment behind me.

It could have been so much worse — a later-stage, more aggressive cancer, or a more difficult treatment regimen — and I could indeed not be here for Christmas. And I could have had to face this alone, without the amazing support network that has been with me and continues to be by my side through this next part of the journey.

I am a lucky woman and I am grateful to still be here to celebrate the holiday.



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