The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Let’s chuck the “new normal” countdown, since things have been anything but normal. A brief recap — get strep, treat with antibiotics, three days into the antibiotics, get flu, pass out, husband calls ambulance, get admitted, start bleeding, develop colitis from some combination of flu, antibiotics, and very low blood pressure, and in the hospital I remain (4 days and counting). This sucks and the pain from the colitis is intense, so more testing to follow. Oh and yeah, husband is home sick with the flu too, so I’ve basically been alone.

While none of this can be directly attributed to my breast cancer, I did have a brief period of tears when I thought I might now have colon cancer. Doesn’t look like I do, but my compromised immune system seems to be working overtime to give me grief. I’m scared about all these new developments and what it will mean for my quality of life. Frankly, if this is what I have to look forward to, what’s the fucking point?

Just when I thought I had this, and was tolerating the new meds, I’ve also had some new side effects there as well.

Not a good day in cancerland. I’m sick and tired of being sick.

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