That Job

So, first, an explanation. The further away I get from treatment (and it's now been 9 months since I finished active treatment), the harder it is for me to stay strictly within the confines of a "cancer blog," since much of my day-to-day life has nothing to do with cancer, or at least not directly.... Continue Reading →

The Road Back to Health

When I was visiting my daughter last month, she described to me her plan for getting healthier, explaining that she was making small incremental changes rather than dramatic big ones. Changes like eating a healthier lunch or walking to and from work each day. I've been thinking about that and about my road back to... Continue Reading →


Of all of the aspects of cancer treatment, why is it that hair has taken up so much space in my brain? Certainly there have been (and continue to be) things that hurt more, or are more annoying, or that make me sad to the point of tears, but hair -- losing it, getting it... Continue Reading →


On Sunday, I will be walking in the Making Strides walk sponsored by the American Cancer Society. I'm happy to be walking, to be stronger than I was last year when I walked in the midst of chemo, and to be able to write "1 YEAR" on the survivor's quilt (last year I wrote "O... Continue Reading →

Sixty Three

Today marks my 63rd birthday. Not particularly momentous as numbers or birthdays go, but it feels pretty damn momentous regardless. Last year at this time, I was sitting in an infusion suite getting my second chemo infusion. In the world of birthdays, I suspect that will rank among the shittier ones. But from there the... Continue Reading →

Life and Death

On Friday, I had a follow-up appointment with my internist, to check in after my hospitalization on next steps. Essentially, I now have not one, but two classes of medication that I can no longer take (ACE Inhibitors, and ARBs), both of which can cause the reaction that sent me to the ICU this week.... Continue Reading →


So there I was, minding my own business, feeling good, feeling strong, and bam! my body took a nosedive. To say nothing of the fact that I'm back in the world, making plans, fulfilling commitments, and I just don't have time for this shit. My internist had recommended that I get a pneumonia vaccine and... Continue Reading →


Guess what? Along with cancer and surgery and treatment, I get a survivorship care plan! So exciting. Not really, but I'll take whatever they give me. What is a survivorship care plan, you ask? Apparently it's a new program my medical oncology office offers, where a nurse practitioner goes over the details of your treatment,... Continue Reading →

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