Well, it's been a while since I wrote, which is probably an indication that I'm busy living my life -- a good thing overall. I'm back working (consulting), traveling to see family and friends, enjoying the summer, doing yard work, swimming, taking tai chi classes, and in general starting to enjoy my retirement. It's been... Continue Reading →

Deprivation and Discipline

I had promised myself that once I ended treatment, I would get back to the diet I was on prior to my diagnosis. I had been on a Mediterranean diet prior to surgery, begun when I had a cardiac scare a few months before that (which turned out to be anxiety, but still with my... Continue Reading →

Farewell Couch Nest

Today, our 15-year-old couch was picked up by the local furniture bank who will repurpose it for their clients. It has been replaced by a new couch, free of bad (or at least mixed) memories. Not only had that couch been through two children (and a variety of friends sleeping over), and two dogs (I... Continue Reading →

One Year

It's a bit mind-boggling to realize that today marks exactly one year since I received my cancer diagnosis. I remember details from that day vividly (sitting at my desk at work, receiving the call from my doctor, tears choking my voice as I asked questions, the difficult call to my husband). By the time I... Continue Reading →


In just a few days, the calendar will mark the one-year anniversary of my diagnosis. Hard to believe that one year ago, I received the call that would change my life irrevocably. More reflections on that to come as I hit that date, but this week marks a few firsts, or at least firsts post-treatment.... Continue Reading →

Graduation and New Beginnings

Today, I "graduated" from my short-term, cancer-focused therapy and it feels like an occasion that should be marked. The organization providing this is CancerCare (cancercare.org) and I can't say enough good things about the support and help I have received from them. They are based in NYC, but offer their services free-of-charge to cancer patients... Continue Reading →


Today, I had a check-up with the retinal specialist as ongoing follow-up for a torn retina that was repaired about 18 months ago. As part of the exam, he also checked on the "freckle" on my retina that was discovered by my ophthalmologist recently. It turns out that I have them in both eyes and... Continue Reading →

The Cancer Prom

Last night, I was invited by a friend to be their guest at a fundraising gala for the American Cancer Society, a lovely and generous gesture. I was worried about getting all dolled up for a black tie event. All of the gowns I had from my days as a fundraising executive seemed odd and... Continue Reading →

Chemo Curls

Yes, they have a name and they are called chemo curls. When I realized that my most recent Google searches involved products to straighten them, products to encourage hair growth, and statistics on how long it would be until my "normal" hair comes back, I figured it was time to write about it. My head... Continue Reading →

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